Thursday, 19 February 2015

Connected Learners!

Every Tuesday our class and our grade two buddy class have a Skype date with another grade two class in Abbotsford.  This week we were working on solving word problems.  We had a picture of some Valentines cookies and we made up word stories for the other class to solve. They made up word problems for us too! 

We were using mathematical words like. . . . In all, total, difference, altogether!

One problem was, " I have 4 red cookies and 4 white cookies.  How many cookies do I have in total?"  They had to write the equation and give us the answer!  It is a whole lot harder making and solving word problems than just solving equations!

Another problem was, "I had 12 cookies and I ate 6.  How many do I have left?"

Here we are anxiously awaiting our first question! 

We are excited to answer the questions they gave us!

Can you think of any word problems that might fit this picture? 

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