Monday, 23 February 2015

A Special Day

 Last Thursday was a special day at Chantrelll Creek. We celebrated Chinese New Year.  We had an assembly in the afternoon. We were treated to many special performances . . . we heard someone play a flute like instrument, someone played a special harp instrument, and we saw a a mask dance where the performer changed their mask seven times!  We also saw a fashion show of traditional Chinese clothing.  The kindergarten class did a dragon dance and we saw a special dance called The Red Lantern Dance.  Several of the girls from our class and the other grade 2 class were in it!




Many of the girls in our class performed a beautiful dance called "The Red Lantern Dance"  It was spectacular. 

Many of us dressed in red to celebrate this special day!

Just before the afternoon assembly many of our parents made 5000 dumplings s in several kitchens and brought them to the school for the whole school- staff and students - to enjoy!  They were delicious!  Thank you to everyone who helped with this special treat!

 The day before many of our parents planned stations for us in the Multipurpose Room. 
 Here we are getting some practice with chopsticks.  We had a race to see who could pick up the most Fruit Loops in a specific amount of time!
Mmmmm . . . loved those dumplings!

 The best part of making the dumplings was getting to eat them!  They were delicious.

I don't think I could eat another bite!

Look what I made!

Paper cutting

Happy New Year!
Do you celebrate Chinese New Year at your school?  Do you celebrate any other special cultural events? 

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