Thursday, 18 February 2016

One Hundred Days of Learning One Hundred Days of Fun!

We celebrated 100 days of learning and fun on Wednesday!  We know that some classes around the globe were celebrating on different days but this day was perfect for us!  What's a party without hats?  So the first thing we did was make a 100 day hat!  We had to think in groups of ten and draw 100 little symbols. We realized how easy it is to keep track of your count when you group by 10s.

After our hats were done we began to share our ideas of what we loved about our school.  Our goal was to come up with 100 reasons why we loved our school.  We had some help from Mrs, de Jager's class and Mrs. Drew's class.  The reasons were heart warming. . . Here's just a small list of what we love about Chantrell Creek:
meeting new friends
playing with old friend
the teachers are nice, kind and fun
we get to gone on fun field trips
we get to have big buddies
centres time
hot lunches
two recesses

We put all our hearts together  and made a big heart for our front foyer!

In Math we made a "math mix."  Each person brought in 100 small food items to add to our mix.  Mrs.Betts put it all in a big bowl, stirred it up and then put spoonfuls into small bowls.  We each got a bowl and had to count out 100 things onto a snack mat.

 We ran out of time to do the graphing activity but we did discover that most people had more Gold fish than anything else.  That got us to wondering why.  We had some good guesses and then finally someone said, "it must be because more people brought fishes so there were more in the bowl!"  That's some great critical thinking and problem solving!

In the afternoon we were given the challenge to work with either a partner or small group and build something with 100 things!  The creations we made were amazing!

                                      Engineers at work!

                                                              Architects . . . .

                                         More Engineers ~ Designing and redesigning their ramp!

                                                    Ta da. . . . our castle!

                                                                 Testing the design!

                                      The top of this actually spins!!!!!

All in all it was a great day of fun and learning!  How did you celebrate 100 day?

Friday, 12 February 2016

A Day of Celebration!

Last week we celebrated Chinese New Year with several different events.


Many of us dressed in our traditional red outfits while others wore red to celebrate the day!

Our assembly started with a fabulous dragon dance performed by the kindergarten students!


Then we were treated to an impressive Tae Kwon Do demonstration by many of our students.

The assembly ended with the lion dance.  His wiggling ears and wagging tail made many of us laugh!


We had a very special treat at lunch- homemade dumplings!  A group of parents spent the morning making several thousand dumplings for everyone in the school!  They were delicious!


 We practiced making dumplings and learned how to pinch the edges so all the stuffing stayed inside.


We also practiced using chopsticks by trying to pick up Fruit Loops.   

We also did some paper cutting.  


It was a fabulous day of learning and celebrating!  We hope everyone had a Happy Chinese New Year!  

A special thank you to all the parents who volunteered and helped to make this a day to remember!