Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bullying Stops NOW!!!!!

What does Pink Shirt Day mean?  What does bullying look like? Here are our thoughts. . . .
  • others being mean to you  
  • calling you names
  • laughing at you in an unkind way
  • making fun of you
  • threatening you
  • making fun of what you are wearing
  • tripping you on purpose
  • leaving you out
  • ignoring you
  • not letting you join their group

Pink Shirt day started about 7 years ago when a grade 9 boy wore a pink shirt to school and was made fun of by other boys.  Two grade 12 boys took 50 pink shirts to school the next day and handed them out.  The message they sent was that it is not nice to be mean to others just because of what they are wearing.  Now many schools and organizations wear pink on this day to bring awareness to the issues surrounding bullying. 

What are some kind things we can do for others to make sure bullying doesn't happen?

  • don't  laugh at others
  • treat others the way you want to be treated
  • if someone is hurt help them
  • if someone needs help stop and make sure they are OK
  • if someone is playing by themselves ask if they want to join your group
  • if you see someone who is shy and looks like they have no friends invite them to play with you
  • help even if you didn't make the mess
  • make fair teams when you are playing team games
  • step in and stand up for people who are being bullied

Every day is a NO BULLYING DAY in our classroom and school!!!!

Monday, 23 February 2015

A Special Day

 Last Thursday was a special day at Chantrelll Creek. We celebrated Chinese New Year.  We had an assembly in the afternoon. We were treated to many special performances . . . we heard someone play a flute like instrument, someone played a special harp instrument, and we saw a a mask dance where the performer changed their mask seven times!  We also saw a fashion show of traditional Chinese clothing.  The kindergarten class did a dragon dance and we saw a special dance called The Red Lantern Dance.  Several of the girls from our class and the other grade 2 class were in it!




Many of the girls in our class performed a beautiful dance called "The Red Lantern Dance"  It was spectacular. 

Many of us dressed in red to celebrate this special day!

Just before the afternoon assembly many of our parents made 5000 dumplings s in several kitchens and brought them to the school for the whole school- staff and students - to enjoy!  They were delicious!  Thank you to everyone who helped with this special treat!

 The day before many of our parents planned stations for us in the Multipurpose Room. 
 Here we are getting some practice with chopsticks.  We had a race to see who could pick up the most Fruit Loops in a specific amount of time!
Mmmmm . . . loved those dumplings!

 The best part of making the dumplings was getting to eat them!  They were delicious.

I don't think I could eat another bite!

Look what I made!

Paper cutting

Happy New Year!
Do you celebrate Chinese New Year at your school?  Do you celebrate any other special cultural events? 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Connected Learners!

Every Tuesday our class and our grade two buddy class have a Skype date with another grade two class in Abbotsford.  This week we were working on solving word problems.  We had a picture of some Valentines cookies and we made up word stories for the other class to solve. They made up word problems for us too! 

We were using mathematical words like. . . . In all, total, difference, altogether!

One problem was, " I have 4 red cookies and 4 white cookies.  How many cookies do I have in total?"  They had to write the equation and give us the answer!  It is a whole lot harder making and solving word problems than just solving equations!

Another problem was, "I had 12 cookies and I ate 6.  How many do I have left?"

Here we are anxiously awaiting our first question! 

We are excited to answer the questions they gave us!

Can you think of any word problems that might fit this picture? 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Skating at the South Surrey Arena!

On Tuesday we went skating at the South Surrey Arena!  The Wolves (that's the other grade 2 class) and their big buddies who are in Grade 7 came with us.  We had some parents drive us to the arena.  It is not very far.  It is home to the Surrey Eagles hockey team.   When we got there everyone was super excited!  We got ready to go on the ice.  Some of us had to rent skates and helmets, but others had their own!  Karys loved going really fast.  When we hopped on to the ice some of us didn't know how to skate so we had a bar to hold on to.  Some of us were really good skaters because we play hockey, or we figure skating or take skating lessons.  Some of us used the bars to collect snow and we made a big snow pile.  We had so much fun.  The ice was slippery and hard if you fell!!!! 

Here are lots of pictures of us having fun!

Friends?  Helpers? Both?

Do you like to skate?  Do you know how to skate?  Have you ever had a field trip to the skating rink?