Monday, 21 March 2016

Pots of Potatoes!

 After recess we went outside with Mrs. de Jager's class to plant all the seed potatoes.  We planted a total of 25 potatoes in six tubs.

 It was hard work to mix up the fertilizer and get the soil ready for planting!

 We planted the potatoes with the sprouts facing up so that they can reach for the sunshine.

 Once the potatoes were planted, we brought them inside to the front foyer so that they can get some natural light from our skylights during the break.

Then we did a bit of an estimation about how many potatoes we think will grow.  Most of us think that each potato will grow two new potatoes, so we will harvest around 50 potatoes in total.  How many potatoes do you think we will harvest?  We'll keep you posted as our potato plants start to grow!