Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas Fun!

This past week has been a busy one in our classroom.  To begin the week we did some writing about how we get ready for Christmas.  We were working on using the sequential words; first, next, then, after and finally.

One student even went home and continued writing!!!!

Very impressive!

We also did a directed drawing of Santa.  First we practiced on our white boards.

Next we drew a good copy on white paper and then we outlined it with black felt. Finally we painted them!  We were so happy with the results!

We also made Christmas cards based on a story called, Snowmen at Night.

I LOVE all the different ways the snowmen are drawn!  They are so unique!

Our whole school was decorated for our Christmas concert.  I wonder if that's where the phrase. . . deck the halls came from!  There were elves . . . .

carrollers, and reindeer . . . . .

Christmas trees and presents
snowflakes . . . .

Our class performed a ribbon dance for the concert.  It was magical.

We ended our week with our annual Cozy Christmas!  We wore our pjs to school, brought a mug for hot chocolate and our favourite stuffed animal and Christmas book to read with our Big Buddies in the gym.  It is one of our favourite traditions at Chantrell Creek.

The Cheetahs wish you and your family a restful holiday filled with fun, laughter, family and wonderful memories.  See you in 2016!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Patterns!

Today we used our problem solving skills to create some Christmas pictures using pattern blocks. Each card had a key which told you how many blocks of each shape you needed.  Once you had chosen all your blocks you had to build the shape!  Some were easy but some were really hard and required lots of trial and error on our part.  We had fun using our problem solving skills to work through each challenge.

 Some of us found it hard, but we kept trying!
 Some of us worked with a partner!

and some of us worked by ourselves.

 We were great at sharing the materials and working together.
 Hmmmm . . .  which ones do I need?
  This one was the hardest to do! But someone was able to do it!  Well done!

What can you make with pattern blocks?