Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What's Cooking?

Today we learned some "boat lingo."  We found out  that the front of a boat is called the bow and the back is called the stern.  Did you know that the kitchen on a boat is called "the galley?"  Each class in our school is decorating their classroom door in some kind of pirate theme to help celebrate our school musical.  Of course, we decided to make our door look like the galley.  We used our iPads to research what kind of food they took with them as they sailed the high seas.  We found out they used barrels to store their food and they hung some of the fish and sausages from hooks.  Here are a few pictures of us researching the different types of food they had on board and what our door looked like at the end of the morning!

 Do you know what the hole in the middle of the door is called?  Have you ever been in a galley before?