Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bubblegum Fun ~ Another "how to" writing lesson

We had SO much FUN with our last how to write!  We wrote directions for how to blow a bubble with bubblegum.  First, Mrs. Betts gave us each a piece of bubblegum and we had to try and blow a bubble with it!   While we were trying to blow the bubble we had to think of all the steps we took.  It is a lot harder to blow a bubble than it looks.  Mrs. Betts had trouble catching us because they kept popping so quickly.  After we had practiced blowing for a few minutes we recorded the directions on paper.  The next day, we got to create our faces using scraps of paper.  The last thing we did was attach a pink balloon to them so it looks like we are blowing a bubble!

Don't laugh or it will pop!

Wow. . .  look at that bubble.

Oh no!  It POPPED!

Look at how big this bubble is!

Did you see that?  Double bubble!

I did it!

It's a lot harder to blow a bubble than it looks!  Can you blow a bubble? 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Good for the Heart~ good for the soul!

 This year our school participated in Jump Rope for Heart!  The whole school met in the gym and were paired up with their buddy class.  We had to skip for one minute then a whistle would sound and we passed our rope to the next person. We skipped for a whole hour!  It was very tiring but we raised lots of money and had lots of fun! 

Do you volunteer your time to raise money for anything?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Amazing Students! Amazing Teachers!

Last Thursday we had two visiting teachers from Dogwood Elementary School.  They wanted Mrs. Betts to show them how she uses iPads in the classroom, but of course, it isn't Mrs. Betts that uses them its us! So of course we had to show them everything we can do!   They were so impressed with our learning. To prepare for their visit we brainstormed and made a list of  all the things we had been learning about since we got back from Spring Break.  Then we made a list of all the apps we use to "show what we know."

Once we had our lists we were able to choose what we wanted to share and how we wanted to share it.  The results were amazing!

Some students made popplets of their geometry learning, some made how to books in book creator based on our procedural writing lessons, some used draw and tell to share what they had learned about matter, some made a pic collage of their learning. . .  and on and on it went.

Our visitors were so impressed they invited us to their school to teach their students how to use some of the apps! Mrs. Betts is busy trying to make that happen!  We love sharing our learning!  Thank you to Mrs. Watt and Mrs. Mitchell for visiting our class.

Track Attack!

Last week everyone in Grades 3-7 took part in "track attack."  There were several track and field stations set up and run by the teachers.  Each division had the opportunity to try each event and then students could decide whether they would like to come out for track and field.  Some of the events included shot put, long jump, high jump, triple jump, discus, long distance running and sprints.
Here are some pictures of the different events that students got to try.

Learning about long jump and triple jump from Mrs. Michaud!

 Practice time!
Look at me go!

Getting our muscles ready for high jump!

Love that landing!

 Learning the shot put!  Some of us couldn't believe how heavy it is!
Running practice ~ our fitbreak has really paid off!  We have great endurance!

Do you have "track attack" at your school?

Friday, 18 April 2014

Another "How To" Write

We have been working on developing our procedural writing skills.  On Wednesday we watched an experiment. Our job was to watch closely, use our observational skills and see if we could remember all the materials that were used and the steps that Mrs. Betts took to complete the experiment.  We worked in partners to see how accurate we were with our directions.

 The experiment looked like this:

Can you see the materials that were used?  (tray, bottle, vinegar, dish soap, food coloring, baking soda, a tissue and a spoon)  If you look closely, you can see blue, bubbling foam coming out of the bottle! What do you think they made? It was very exciting to watch what happened when they mixed different matter together and created a chemical change!  

We worked in partners to write out the materials that were used and the directions on how to make a volcano.  Check back soon to see how accurate we were with our directions!  Hopefully you will be able to follow them and make your own volcano!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Shape riddles!

We are learning about 3-D shapes in math!  Check out our individual blogs for some riddles.  Can you solve them?

Procedural Writing . . . Does it make sense to you?

Have you ever tried to write directions for something?  It's a lot harder than you think!  On Monday  Mrs. Metz demonstrated how to brush her teeth!  After she was done we had to write down all the steps she took to do the job.  We didn't have much trouble writing down everything . . .  It was getting them in the right order that was a bit harder.

Here are the steps we came up with but as you can see they are not in the right order!

 After we had listed the steps on the board we worked with a partner to put them in the right order. We found out that some steps could be done before others but some had to be done in a certain order!  For example, some people like to get their toothbrush wet before they put on the toothpaste and some people like to put the toothpaste on first then get their brush wet.  We decided that it didn't really matter which order you did these steps BUT some things you had to do in a certain order!  Your couldn't rinse your mouth before you had brushed your teeth! 

 Some people put their toothpaste on first . . . . and
 some people like to get their toothbrush wet first. . .

What do you like to do first. . .get your toothbrush wet or put on your toothpaste?

Our finished instructions!  Can you follow them?  Are they clear and in the correct order?  Is that how you brush your teeth?

I wonder what we' tell you how to do next?