Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Skating at the South Surrey Arena!

On Tuesday we went skating at the South Surrey Arena!  The Wolves (that's the other grade 2 class) and their big buddies who are in Grade 7 came with us.  We had some parents drive us to the arena.  It is not very far.  It is home to the Surrey Eagles hockey team.   When we got there everyone was super excited!  We got ready to go on the ice.  Some of us had to rent skates and helmets, but others had their own!  Karys loved going really fast.  When we hopped on to the ice some of us didn't know how to skate so we had a bar to hold on to.  Some of us were really good skaters because we play hockey, or we figure skating or take skating lessons.  Some of us used the bars to collect snow and we made a big snow pile.  We had so much fun.  The ice was slippery and hard if you fell!!!! 

Here are lots of pictures of us having fun!

Friends?  Helpers? Both?

Do you like to skate?  Do you know how to skate?  Have you ever had a field trip to the skating rink?

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  1. Yes, I like to skate, yes I can skate. I had a lot of fun on the field trip to the skating rink! It was fantastic!!