Sunday, 18 January 2015

Artists At Work!

We are learning to create a picture in the style of Ted Harrison!  First we read the book, O Canada, by Ted Harrison.  While we were reading we noticed the colours he used to create his pictures.  We also noticed how simple his people and objects were.  He uses simple shapes like squares, ovals, rectangles and circle.  We also noticed that his people didn't have any faces on them!

While we were drawing our pictures we talked about the different things we see and do in our community.  As you look at our pictures can you see some of the features of our community?

First we drew our pictures on our white boards and took a picture of them on our iPads.  The next day we drew our pictures on paper and outlined them with black crayon. 

Finally, we looked at the colours Ted Harrison used and then painted our pictures!

mixing paints to get shades of colours!

A future Picasso?

The final product. . .

Have you ever studied how an artist creates their picture and then tried to create a picture using the same techniques?

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