Sunday, 18 January 2015

Numbers, numbers and more numbers!

Everyday we practice building our number sense.  Today we worked with a partner.  We were given the challenge of putting together a 100 chart that had been cut up. Some of the charts started at 200 and went to 300!  That was a challenge for some of us!

We did it!

No, no!  I think that goes here!

Hmmm, I think we need to put that here!

After that we created a mystery number puzzle for the grade 2s next door.  We brainstormed for ways to describe numbers and made a chart of our thinking.

Then we chose a number and made some clues.  Here are our clues.  Can you guess our number?
1.  Our number has an even number of 10s..
2.  It has an even number of 1s.
3.  Our number is between 20 and 40.
4.  If you double 3 it makes the number of ones.

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