Sunday, 10 April 2016

Meeting An Author and Illustrator!

Last Monday, Mrs. Soo, our librarian, organized a visit from a local author and illustrator.  Her name is Dianna Bonder.  She has illustrated eleven children's books and has written four of them.  She began by talking about her illustrations.  She showed us how she uses basic shapes to draw the outline of people and animals and then fills in the details.  Many of us made connections to our directed drawing lessons that we have done this year.  We were impressed with her ability to add details to make her illustrations come alive!

She also read us her story, "Eleven Lazy Llamas" which is based on a true story!  She told us that it takes her about a year to illustrate a book, and several years to both write and illustrate one book!  It was an inspiring visit since many of us love to draw and write books!  Have you ever met an author or illustrator?

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