Sunday, 10 April 2016

iRide! Do You?

Last Monday was our first bike clinic and we were so excited!  Two coaches - Coach Tubs and Coach Jeff - from Cycling BC came to help us work on our biking skills.  The first thing we learned was how to adjust our helmets so that our brains and foreheads were protected.  We also learned that if we have a fall from our bike and hit our head we should get a new helmet!

After adjusting our helmets we learned how to use hand brakes.  It is really important that you press both brakes at the same time - if you only press your front brake you bike will flip up and you will go sailing over the handle bars and if you only use your back brake you bike will skid on you and you might fall. We practiced riding on the basketball court and stopping at different times!

Then we learned how to travel around obstacles, turn in tight spaces, keep our heads up to watch for other riders and pedal both slowly and quickly.

Next we learned how to use hand signals to show other bike riders and people we are stopping.

Biking on the grass was a lot harder!  We learned how to start with a "boom ya" and then stand up and pedal to get some power!  

                                                                                                                      stand up on our bikes to get some power

We can't wait for our second session this coming week!

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