Monday, 9 November 2015

A Visit to the STEAM Room!

This week was our first visit to the STEAM room!  That's what we are calling our new "maker space!"  Mrs. Soo, our librarian, has been very busy organizing, collecting and creating bins for our learning fun.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math!  This is a place where we can create, build, problem solve, collaborate  and learn!

Mrs. Soo introduced us to just a few choices - there were Kiva blocks, Lego (with a challenge), Tower Building (with another challenge), and Building a Marble Maze (with all kinds of "stuff").

Look what we made!  Our challenge was to build the tallest tower we could that would hold a tennis ball!

Mrs. Betts loved to see the problem solving, creating and collaboration that went on for an hour!  Lots of fun and learning happening.  The best part is that when you are done - you take it all apart and let someone else create!

The finished products!
 The challenge we had with Lego was to build our idea of a fantasy playground.  What would we like a playground to have if we could design our own?
 This looks like a very space age playground!
 Keva blocks are so much fun to build with!
 I think I heard Matthew say this was a garbage can!  Hope he is not being sick!!!!

This was a marble challenge - could we build a marble maze from recycled materials. . .  wow!  We were very creative.  It took lots of thinking, trials, problem solving and cooperation . . . . but it worked!

Do you have a maker space or STEAM room in your school?  Do you like to build and create something new from recycled material?

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  1. Wow, I can see a lot of learning happening in the STEAM room. How exciting! ~Lisa