Monday, 26 October 2015

Scientists at Work!

Today we broke into our groups and looked more closely at the special features that each group of animals have that make them unique.  We began to refine our thinking by using the words all, most or some.  We worked hard to record facts that were specific to the group we were studying.  For example, one group came up with the fact that all birds have feathers but not all birds fly - most birds do but not all!  We are becoming experts on a specific group ~ soon we will teach our classmates what we have learned! 

 We used books, pictures and our iPads to read information.  We are learning how to use QR codes to get to specific websites quickly! 
 Working together towards a common goal!
 Hard at work!

Busy recording my findings. . . 
 Learning is more fun and more productive when done together!
 Finding out all about fish . . .
What are you learning in science? What do you know about animal groups?

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