Saturday, 13 June 2015

Chalk it Up to the Chalkstar!

This week we saw a chalk expert at work!  Martin Hayes came to our school on Wednesday and Thursday and created a fabulous work of art. . . . all done with chalk!  A couple of times a day we would wander down to observe the changes.  We learned many techniques from him. . . . how to use different parts of the chalk for different effects;  how to use your hands to blend the colour, how to put two colours together, and how to create highlight using different shades of the same colour. 
Here are the tools he uses - many different types of chalk, including regular chalk and chalk pastels.  He also uses some brushes for blending colours together, although we saw him use his hands many times to blend and create the 3D effect.

The finished product!  Amazing!
On Friday afternoon, we spent one hour outside our
classroom for our own chalk art festival.

Just taking a break!

Each class was given a theme to focus on.  Can you guess some of the themes based on the collage below?

Thank you to Ms. Soo, our librarian, for organizing such an amazing experience for us!

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