Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Erosion! (and the connections we made)

Last Thursday in Science we learned what erosion means and how important roots are in preventing it.  We did an experiment outside with plants and soil.  Mrs. Betts brought two buckets.  One had a plant in it and one was just a bucket of soil (no plants)

She took a watering can filled with water and poured it over the plant with roots.  We noticed that there was no "erosion" of the soil.  The roots helped prevent the soil from eroding away.  When she poured water over the bucket with no plants the water moved the soil and caused it to run in "rivers" down the paper. 

On Monday we talked about what we had learned last week about erosion.  We reviewed what erosion means and how important trees, plants, and roots are in preventing this. Mrs.Betts then asked if it was important to have plants and trees close to river banks.  Many of us realized that plants, trees and shrubs help to prevent erosion from happening.  We ended our lesson by completing a sheet summarizing our learning.

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