Sunday, 24 May 2015

Beach Buddies!

  On Friday we had a member of the Semiahmoo Bay Society "Beach Hero" program come to talk to us about taking care of our seashore.  She introduced us to many of the creatures that live at the beach and in tide pools, and talked about how we can gently look at these creatures when we visit the beach in a few weeks, but how we need to respect their habitat at the same time.  She also brought some shells and other specimens to show us.

 Did you know that when you hold a shell to your ear, you are not hearing the waves, but an echo of your own heartbeat?

 To look under a rock, don't rock it... lift it straight up, look underneath and look at the rock too.  Then carefully put it back, since it may be the roof of a home for a beach creature!

We learned many new things about the creatures that call tide pools their home, and we will spend more time learning about tide pools in the coming weeks.  Have you ever been to the beach?  Which ocean creatures did you see there?

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