Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Water Goes Round and Round

Mrs. Betts was so excited this week with all the connections we made during our science lesson.   We started the week off by reviewing what we had learned about matter - we remembered that matter can be in three states - solids, liquids or gases.  Then Mrs. Betts asked us what we knew about water.  We brainstormed and recorded lots of ideas and did we ever know a lot! Unfortunately, Mrs. Betts forgot to take a picture of our thinking!

Next Mrs. Betts asked us if we knew anything about the water cycle. . .

That caused a lot of puzzled looks in the room so she challenged us to use our iPads to see what we could discover about the water cycle!  We were very frustrated because so many of us couldn't get on the internet but those that managed to get on found lots!  We found diagrams that explained how the water cycle works, we found songs about the water cycle, and we had lots of conversations about some of the words we read or heard and what they meant.  Here are some screen shots of the sites we found.

Check out the link below to hear the song we found!  We loved it.

The next day we met as a group to review what the words precipitation, accumulation, evaporation and condensation mean!   Do you know what they mean?

Then we made a diagram of the water cycle.

 Here is a review of what we have learned so far! 

We are going to do a creative dance with music to showcase the water cycle for our science and innovation fair.  We are super excited!  Be sure to check back towards the end of April/beginning of May to see our show!!!

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