Sunday, 1 March 2015

Mix It Up!

This week in Art class we explored colour!  First, we read the book Mix It Up to get our ideas flowing.  Then we were given four colours - red, blue, green and yellow and challenged to make as many new colours as we could.  We had a sheet with 100 small squares on it.  It was quite hard!  Our buddies were there to help.  We discovered many things!

The next day we revisited our paintings and discussed what we learned from our experience.  We found out the green was quite a strong colour and seemed to "take over" the other colours.  We repeated the same lesson but this time we had much bigger squares and less of them (only 16 compared to 100!)   It was easier to get many shades of one colour by mixing small amounts of paints. 

Look at the shades we can make!

How many colours can you make with red, blue, green and yellow?  What is your favourite colour?

Do you like to paint?  Have you ever tried mixing colours to see what you can create? 


  1. This looks SO fun!! Karys and I have a lot of fun painting and mixing colours!
    Karys' Grandma is a painter and loves teaching us to mix paint to make new colours.
    She also teaches us how to use colour in new and fun ways. You guys could check out her website to see what kind of pictures she paints.
    Thanks for sharing your great pictures:)

    ~Karys' Mom

  2. Oops, I made a mistake. Karys' Grandma's website is


  3. Wow! I just visited the website! Her paintings are wonderful! I can't wait to show the class tomorrow!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! The power of connecting! I love it.

  4. :) Karys told me all about it today, fun! She is so proud of her Grandma and proclaims that she will be an artist just like her when she grows up, so I knew she would enjoy sharing her work with you.