Sunday, 1 March 2015

Future Architects? City Planners?

We have been studying communities and what they all have in common.  We discovered that they provide us with many things.  The have services, shelters, transportation, recreation, and ways to keep us safe.  During the last few weeks, we have been working in various groups to plan and build a community.  Each of us has chosen a specific part of the community and we are working with cardboard boxes, paper towel rolls, paper scraps, and other treasures from our recycling bins to create our own community.  Today was a big building day, and our teachers were excited by all the details we are adding to each specific building or vehicle.

It takes a lot of cooperation, thinking, tinkering, and planning to build a community!  

What is your favourite place to visit in your community?  Have you ever used any of the safety systems in your community for help when you needed it?

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  1. I love seeing you guys creating and thinking about communities.
    One time, Karys' Dad cut through a gas line when he was building a house, he called a number and within minutes a team of people who are specially trained to fix gas lines were there! They helped to prevent what could have been a bad explosion!

    Great Job Grade 2!

    ~Karys' Mom