Monday, 3 November 2014

More Halloween Fun!

 During our reading times we have been talking about what good readers do while reading.  Last week we practiced "making pictures in our head" while reading the book By the Light of the Halloween Moon by Caroline Stutson.  As we listened to the story we tried to recreate the images that were described in the book.  The book started by describing
 A toe!
A lean and gleaming toe that taps in the dead of night
By the light, by the light
By the light of the Halloween Moon!

One by one, a cat, a bat, a ghoul, a ghost, a witch and a sprite were described as reaching for that gleaming toe!

 Many of us weren`t sure what a ghoul or sprite looked like but we used our imaginations and the descriptive words in the story to help us draw them.

Can you find the witch, the cat, the bat, the ghoul, the ghost, the owl and the Halloween moon in our pictures?  Have you ever tried to visualize a story without seeing the pictures?  


  1. i liked eriks drawing

  2. I liked all of the spooky drawings. danielle