Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween Fun


This week in Art we looked at the drawings of Ed Emberley.  We noticed his drawings used many elements that we already knew how to draw . . . lines (straight, wavy and curved), all kinds of shapes (circles, rectangles, squares, triangles) and squiggles! We used his drawing books to practice making some Halloween pictures.  We noticed that he added one element at a time ~ many of us found this a really good technique while we are learning to draw.  We practiced making his Halloween pictures on the iPad using Draw and Tell. We LOVED doing this!  Check out our practice pictures. . . .

 Then we met with our buddies and used our knowledge to make a Halloween silhouette . . . We were very focused while we were working!

 And finally. . . . the finished product!

This picture was done at home!  Mabel brought it to share with us after working with her buddy during the day!

What do you think? Were we successful at creating Halloween silhouettes based on the style of Ed Emberley?  Have you tried recreating a piece of art based on a certain style?


  1. Wonderful pictures and creative techniques of silhouettes! We like the pictures. Lucas

  2. Thank you for your comment! We love to hear from you. We're glad you liked our art work. We had fun making them.

  3. I like your Ed Emberley's drawing and also nice imagining of the night of the Halloween moon. Gerry

  4. I like Everett picture from Lowell

  5. i liked the creative pictures that you guys made from sams mom lucy