Thursday, 13 November 2014

Math Fun!

We learned a new game in math last week.  We are learning about patterns in the 100 chart and we looked at what happens to numbers when you add 10 to them. We discovered that when 10 is added to a number the number in the 10s place gets bigger but the number in the ones place stays the same.

We played a game called Add 10.  Here's how you play. You need a white board or piece of paper, a pencil or marker, a spinner with more or less on it and two dice.   The first person rolls the dice and makes a two digit number.  Then they write an equation adding 10 to the number.  The second person does the same thing. Then you spin the spinner and if it lands on more the person with the biggest answer wins a point.  If it lands on less the person with the smaller number wins a point!  We had lots of fun making equations and playing the game!

Do you plan math games in your class?

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  1. that was really fun .from the huskey class sam