Thursday, 13 November 2014

How to Spot a Bird

Today we learned all about birds.  We learned that all birds lay eggs and have beaks but not all birds are colourful.  Penguins are birds but they can not fly.  Did you know that some birds can not fly? You can tell what a bird eats by the shape of its beak. All birds have feathers.  The feathers help keep the bird warm.  Some birds eat mice and flies, some eat worms, some eat seeds and some eat fish. Some birds have wings.  Birds build nests for their babies.

We spent the morning gathering this information from books and pictures and then in the afternoon we explored "popplet."  This is an app that lets you web your ideas to show what you know.  Here are a few pictures of us working on our popplets and of our finished popplets.

Mrs. Betts was very proud of our perseverance and willingness to help each other problem solve as we learned how to use this app!