Saturday, 23 January 2016

Exploring 3D Solids

After reviewing the attributes of 2D shapes we began to investigate 3D objects and their attributes.   We started by looking at 5-3D objects in particular - the cone, the cube, the sphere, the cylinder and the rectangular prism.  We created group charts with words to describe each shape.

Next Mrs. Betts introduced us to the math vocabulary that mathematicians use to describe 3D objects.  After much discussion we began to see connections to the vocabulary used to describe 2D shapes!  -sides/edges, points/vertices.  We also learned a new term - faces.

Then we created some riddles to see if people could guess what object we were describing!  Can you guess which objects we are describing based on our clues?

Next we used play dough to build a snowman that had a sphere, a cylinder, a cube, a cone and a rectangular prism.  When we were finished we took a picture and labelled the solids using the app Skitch.  Can you see all the solid objects in the snowman?  If you were building a snowman, where would you put each solid?

We also used marshmallows and toothpicks to make skeletons of the 3D shapes!  Lots of fun and lots of learning!!

To wind up our unit we were given a building challenge and then summarized all our learning using the app "popplet" to record what we had learned.

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  1. I love this! Isn't it great to learn through design challenges! I also love how your summed up all your learning with a Popplet. My students love to use Popplet too.