Wednesday, 21 October 2015

It's Not Fair!!!

Last week we took part in a global survey!  After looking at the picture on the front of the book Duck! Rabbit! we voted on whether we thought it was a duck or a rabbit.  We entered our class and voted and today we got to see the results! It was really fun to see how people voted and where they were from (there was a map that showed where each class was from!) Click the link below to see the results.  You have to scroll down to see the results.

On Tuesday we read another book called, It's Not Fair by Amy Krouse Rosenthal!  We loved it!  In the book Amy gives the reader many examples of things in life that are not fair!  The illustrations are fabulous.  You can tell exactly how the characters are feeling by the expressions on their faces!

After we had read the book we talked about our connections to the story and some of the things that have happened to us that we think "aren't fair."  Then we did some writing about our connections. . . .

On Wednesday we talked about the difference between fair and equal.  We realized that fair and equal are two different things and that sometimes things aren't equal but they are fair. 

Do you ever think things aren't fair?

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