Saturday, 2 May 2015

Our Potatoes Are Growing!

 Today we took our Skype date outside!  We skyped with Ms. Stroet's class in Abbotsford again to compare the growth of our potatoes.  Because we had different spring breaks, the potatoes planted by the other class have been growing for one week longer than ours, so we had to compare them!

 We noticed that their plants seem to be a bit fuller than ours, and our plants also seem to be a few centimetres shorter. 

 After finishing our Skype date because the other class was standing in the rain, we took another closer look at the potatoes, and discovered a wiggly worm living in the soil of one of the plants. We had a closer look at it and then put it back in the soil because we know that worms are good for the soil!

It was a nice change to take our learning outside!  After we got back into our classroom, we talked about the things that we noticed on our potatoes.  For example, did you know that the stems have little hairs on them?  We had a few ideas about why the potatoes had hairs - to help the potatoes grow, to bring food to the potatoes, or to protect the plants.  We also noticed that the stems are turning purple.  Do you have any ideas why that might be happening?

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