Thursday, 5 March 2015

Awesome Authors!

We are LOVING writing time!  This week we were given the choice to either write in our Journals or start writing books.  Some of us chose Journal writing - we just had to write about our badminton tournament or soccer game or weekend adventures.  Many of us chose to write books!  Mrs. Betts told us she had been doing some reading about inspiring authors and wanted to let us try writing our own books.  We reviewed the types of books authors create . . . story books (fantasy, mystery) nonfiction books (how to books, animal books) poetry books etc.  and then we went to work.  Everyone was very excited and very focused!  

Page one of "What is a Friend?"

A book on being healthy and one on How to Draw!
Someone knows a lot about the Titanic! 

Each day we start our writing time with a mini lesson based on something Mrs. Betts has noticed we might want to try in our writing.  On Tuesday we looked at the way "How to Books" are set out.  We noticed how many of them use numbers to show the steps you take and then put some writing and an illustration beside that.  Some of us tried doing that today! 

We will try and post some of our finished books on our blogs after spring break.  Check back after the break to see some of our finished products!

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