Saturday, 7 February 2015

Architects at Work!

  Have you ever read the book Weslandia?  In this story, Wesley creates a community in his backyard as a summer project.  He begins by turning over the ground  and seeds are carried there by the wind, sowing a new type of plant.  This plant provides food, shelter, clothing and even recreation.  Soon Wesley's summer project becomes a place for others to notice and explore.

  After reading the story, we reviewed the five things that all communities provide for the people who live there: shelter, safety, services, recreation and transportation.  Then we worked with a partner.  Our job was to choose one of the five areas and design buildings and vehicles that would represent each area.

Next week we are going to use cardboard and other recyclable items to start building our own community. Have you ever built your own community?  What did you use?  Where did you build it?

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