Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Great Way to Relax!

We have been so lucky to have Katie Metz come and teach us yoga over the past few weeks in our gym classes.  We worked hard at stretching and strengthening our bodies and our minds.  She taught us lots of yoga poses, balances and  games.  Last Tuesday was our final session with her.  We started with a few balance poses! 

Then some stretch poses . . .

Oooohhh that feels so good!

Total focus and relaxation.  So good for the mind!

Then we played a game called "Mirror". We had to follow her poses by looking and listening to her.  You can hear how focused we are. . .  There are 42 of us in the gym!

Finally she challenged us to be creative with the poses we had learned. she gave us two objects and we had to decide how best to do them.  We couldn't move once we had decided how we were going to show our poses! Can you guess each pose?

Cat and Dog
Tree  in the grass
Tree beside a mountain

 Plane in a cloud . . .

 Bird in a nest. . . .

 More birds in a nest
And . . . . a house!

Have you ever practiced yoga in your gym time?  Do you go to yoga classes?  It is a great way to relax and build mind and body strength! 

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