Sunday, 11 January 2015

Reading Time

Today we talked more about what good readers do when they  read.  Mrs. Betts was very impressed with all the strategies that we were able to share with her. . . .

 After we listed these on the board Mrs. de Jäger read us a book called The Stick Man.  It is written by the same author as The Gruffalo.  She modelled what to do when you come to a word that you don't know, or what you do when what you are reading doesn't make sense.

We each got a bookmark to help us remember to use these strategies when we read.  Finally we had time to practice reading books and using the different strategies  we had talked about.

Mrs. Betts posted some reading strategy cards to help us remember what to do when we are stuck on a word.

What strategies do you use when you are reading?

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