Thursday, 27 November 2014

That's a Wrap!

This week we read the final book in our Global Read Aloud series. . . .  The Dot by Peter Reynolds. The is a wonderful story about a little girl named Vashti who doesn't believe she is an artist.  She is encouraged by her teacher to "just make a mark on the paper."  So Vashti does and much to her surprise her dot is framed and hanging above her teacher's desk the next day.  This inspires Vashti to experiment as an artist and encourage others to make their mark too! 

After reading the dot we decided to experiment with making our own "dot" pictures.  First we did it on paper with oil pastels.  Here is a sampling of our work. 

The next day we looked at the colour wheel.  We learned about monochramatic colours.  These are colours in the same tones.  We also learned about complimentaty colours, which  are colours opposite each other on the colour wheel, and analogous colours which are colours that are side by side on the colour wheel.   We talked about using thick and thin lines to create an image.  When we were satisfied with our creations we posted them on our own blogs! Please check our individual blogs to see our masterpieces.  We loved doing this!  Have you created any art work based on a book or artist?


  1. What beautiful artwork you have in your class! Looks like you have a class full of artists :)

  2. Thank you for your compliment. We do have many artists in our class. We read lots of books and create art work based on the book. Sometimes we try to paint or create in the style of certain artists. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Are you a teacher or a parent?