Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Where's the Logic?

In Math today our class played a game called Pumpkin Logic with Mrs. de Jager's class.  The object of the game is not to end up with the bat.  Each pair started with some pumpkins and one bat.  You take turns taking either one or two pumpkins.  There was lots of conversation about a strategy that would help you win  the game.  I wonder if it matters who goes first?  Does it matter how many you take first? Does it make a difference if you start with a different number of pumpkins?  What about trying it with 3 players?  There must be some logic here!

                                                                           Hmmmm. . . . how many should I take?
6 left?  what should I do?

You really have to think ahead to play this game!

Have you played any logic games?


  1. yes we did. It was fun. Mabel

  2. what is it all about

  3. Me and my mom play that math game。STELLA