Saturday, 25 October 2014

Huskies. . .

This year we chose to be the Huskies.  We have spent the last few weeks learning about them.  We found out lots of information from books, stories and the internet. We know that . . .

                                *they have special markings on their face
                                *they have either blue or brown eyes (or one of both!)
                                *they have two coats of fur; an undercoat and a thicker outer coat
                                *they have 6-8 babies at a time
                                *they live in cold places
                                *they are hard working  (and so are we!)

We had Mrs. Metz come visit us.  She taught us how to draw a Husky.

We are very proud of our drawings.  What have you been learning in your class?  Do you have a class name?

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