Monday, 13 October 2014

Global Read Aloud ~ What's It All About?

external image peter_characters_v03.jpg The Global Read Aloud ( is a collaborative project that unites classrooms from around the world around a similar book or author.  This year we chose to do the author study option and are looking forward to reading many books by Peter H. Reynolds.  Last week was the official "kick Off."  Every classroom read the story The North Star.

After reading the book we did an interest survey to find out the things we enjoy doing or are good at.  Once we had gone through a list of items we had to choose one or two  of our favourite items to decorate our own North Star to hang in the classroom.  It's exciting to see how different we all are!  Have you talked with your friends about their own strengths and interests?

Author's note:   Thank you to Maribeth Bush, a school Counselor in Falmouth Maine for sharing this lesson on the web.

Next week we plan to Skype with Mrs. Stard's Grade 2 class from Yellowknife and share some of our thinking around the book!  I wonder what book by Peter H. Reynolds we'll read this coming week?  Have you read any of his books?  Do you have a favourite?

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